Unrostered Overtime update – can I claim after four weeks


You all know that we recently won improvements to unrostered overtime in NSW - broadening the criteria for claiming unrostered overtime without prior approval, with five additional categories where medical officers (DiTs) do not need prior approval from their supervisor to work unrostered overtime.

We have been monitoring the implementation of the policy and so far there appears to be a high rate of compliance with the policy.

But some members have raised concerns regarding a statement in the policy directive and on the claim form regarding the need to put a claim in within four weeks of working the unrostered overtime.

Clause 9.3 of the Policy Directive (PD2019_027) relevantly says:

Medical officers are to ensure that claims for unrostered overtime are submitted as soon as possible. They should be submitted no later than four weeks after the overtime was worked to ensure claims are processed and verified within a reasonable timeframe. Claims outside of this timeframe may take longer to validate due to the lapse of time.

The concern is that this is being interpreted as imposing a bar on submitting a claim after four weeks of working the overtime.

There is no limitation or bar on DiTs submitting a claim after four weeks.

The wording in the Policy Directive provides guidance to DiTs to get their claim forms in as quickly as possible to avoid delays in payment.

In summary

  • You do not lose your unrostered OT claim if you don’t submit the claim within the specified four weeks
  • But we do encourage DiTs to lodge their claims as soon as possible after they have worked the overtime to avoid delay in payment
  • Management must have a process in place to monitor and audit unrostered overtime
  • You can claim backpay going back six years.

If you have any issues with claiming unrostered overtime or you would like us to hold an education session at your workplace please email us at allocation@asmof.org.au