Unsafe Rosters win for SCHN Registrar DiTs


ASMOF has ensured roster consultation, the 14 hour cap for shift length and the 10 hour break required between shifts.

Several DIT members contacted ASMOF with concerns regarding the Term 4 Registrar Afterhours/Relief and SRMO Afterhours/Relief Rosters.

Members reported that they were having the following issues;  

  • Two weeks’ notice of a change of rosters was not adhered to in accordance with the NSW Public Hospital Medical Officers Award. These changes made, were not of emergent nature no consultation took place with the DiT/Registrar cohort regarding the changes.  
  • Prior to the distribution of the published roster for Medical officers, requests were put forward by the DiT/Registrar cohort which were not taken into consideration.  
  • Shift lengths were in excess of the allowed 14 hour cap length  
  • The rosters only provide for an 8.5 hour break between shifts, instead of the minimum 10 hours required  

ASMOF immediately wrote to the SCHN (Randwick Campus) advising that they were in breach of the NSW Public Hospital Medical Officers Award Clause 6 Hours of Work sub-clause (vi) which advises that:

  • Officers shall be given at least two weeks' notice of rosters to be worked in relation to ordinary hours of work and also, where practicable, in relation to additional (overtime) rostered hours of work, provided that the employer may change the rosters without notice to meet any emergent situation. This clause shall not apply in respect of the granting by the employer of additional roster leave pursuant to this clause.
  • Management were further advised, that they were also in breach of the MOH Policy Directive PD2019_027 Employment Arrangements for Medical Officers Working in the NSW Public Health Service Clause 4.1.12 Fatigue Prevention : Maximum rostered hours and Break after rostered shift period, given that their rosters exceeded the 14 hour cap by rostering the DITs 15 hour shifts and only providing for an 8.5 hour break between the end of their shifts and the beginning of the next rostered shift, instead of 10.

In light of the above, ASMOF requested that the current rosters be with dawn immediately and further, that consultation occurs with the DIT cohort as a matter of urgency in order to implement a roster that is compliant with the award and policy provisions and that they came in line with the Work Health and Safety Best Practice guidelines in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both staff and patients.

Following ASMOF’s intervention, the rosters were withdrawn and management consulted with the DIT’s in putting together a roster that was compliant with award and policy provisions and safe for the DIT cohort and their patients.

What should I do if I have an unsafe roster?

You should contact ASMOF via allocation@asmof.org.au and a specialist industrial officer will assist you in getting your issues resolved.