Update: Doctors in Training employed at Northern Beaches Hospital



Update: Doctors in Training employed at Northern Beaches Hospital


JMOs employed by Healthscope at Northern Beaches Hospital had raised a number of issues and inconsistencies with their pays with ASMOF

In order to understand how those inconsistencies, and at times errors have occurred, ASMOF Industrial Staff and JMO Representatives Dr Hardip Charhal & Dr Neesan David met with Healthscope Senior Management and Senior Payroll staff on 9th June.

Healthscope agreed to provide a detailed payroll summary for several JMOs who had asked ASMOF to audit their pays, as it was unclear how some elements of their pay (including ordinary hours, overtime and Public Holidays) were calculated. These are expected to be provided for those doctors on 9th June.

In addition, ASMOF sought clarification on a number of other issues including:

  • Ordinary Hours: how these are rostered: e.g. are JMOs employed by Healthscope employed on a 5 day week, or 19 days each four week cycle (Medical Practioners’ Award “the Award”) 13.1
  • Rostered hours & shift length (Clause 13.2- no shift will be less than 8 hours on a week day) ASMOF has identified 4.5 & 7 hour shifts on week days.
  • JMOs employed at NBH should be identified as “shift workers”
  • Payment of public holiday on days they would be normally be rostered to work and are regarded at part of their 76 hours at normal rate
  • Overtime (clause 20.1)- how is overtime calculated? Does each day stand alone?
  • Recall (clause 20.4) ASMOF has been made aware of some concerns regarding the operation of recall, with considerations other than the clinical judgement of the doctor concerned in some cases limiting payment.
  • Remote Appraisal: ASMOF notes that this arrangement applies to JMOS seconded to Northern Beaches Hospital, but the Federal Award has no similar provision but remote appraisal & handovers do occur at NBH.
  • How meal breaks are taken & recorded.
  • Meal Allowance (Clause 18.3)- how this is administered

The meeting was frank and productive, with Healthscope acknowledging that they were aware of some issues, errors and inconsistencies, and were committed to resolving all issues.

Healthscope has taken all issues on notice and committed to provide a considered written response within 14 days. A meeting to further discuss these issues has been scheduled for 23rd June (to be confirmed).