Update - Incremental Progression for medical officers (JMO's)


Two weeks ago we reported on the non-payment of increments for JMOs

Since our article NSW Health and Healthshare have advised provided the following advice:

“The end of the clinical year occurred on 4 February 2018. Some employees may be due to increment to the next year’s grade on or around this date. GSP is an automated process that requires payroll data to determine if an employee is entitled to increment. Any increase due will be applied to the employee in the following pay run and backdated payments made.”


A full-time employee that has an anniversary date of 5 February 2018 and is paid on Pay Cycle 2.

This pay period ends on 11 February 2018. StaffLink will apply changes at the end of this pay period where the employee is due to increment.

Any retrospective payments will be paid in period ending 25 Feb 2018 (pay date 1 March 2018).


We are aware that some JMOs still have not been paid their increment even though they have met the relevant criteria and we have escalated these to the Ministry of Health and Healthshare to fix.

External secondments

If you are a JMO who has worked any period of external secondment (outside NSW Health) you must submit your external hours worked prior to their anniversary date to ensure your increment is not delayed.

If this information has not been submitted your increment will be delayed until the above progression rules are met.

ASMOF will meet with the Ministry next week to discuss the payment delays and we will be pushing for an agreed process for the payment of future increments.

If you have not been paid your increment and you worked the required hours, please contact Kerrie Seymour at kerries@asmof.org.au