Update - Office Accommodation



Over the last two weeks, ASMOF has engaged in consultation with the Ministry of Health in respect to its response to our submissions concerning the draft Workspace Accommodation Policy.

Unfortunately, the Ministry’s response to ASMOF’s lengthy, considered and detailed submissions, did not adequately or at all address many of the concerns that were raised by ASMOF including the interpretation of clause 24 of the Staff Specialists (State) Award, which provides the entitlement to office support, the wealth of research that clearly shows open plan offices are ineffective and inefficient, and also your feedback outlining your need for enclosed office space.

ASMOF and the health unions also conciliated with the Ministry at the Industrial Relations Commission this week and a further report back has been listed for 1 February 2019. The report back has been listed so that ASMOF and the other health unions have the opportunity to consider and respond to the latest amendments to the draft Workspace Accommodation Policy, which were only received from the Ministry hours before conciliation.

Accordingly, ASMOF is continuing to fight for your entitlement to office support on a local level at each workplace. To do this however, we need your support and in the new year ASMOF will be holding a number of member forums in which you are able to attend, share your experience and show express your commitment to your workplace rights.

If you would like to find out more or share your experience, please contact ASMOF on (02) 9212 6900, or alternatively by email at allocation@asmof.org.au.

We look forward to your active support to ensure that office accommodation for Staff Specialists is protected.