Update on the Alliance



Three weeks ago, we informed you about the unfortunate and unnecessary action taken by the AMA NSW to try and terminate the ASMOF/AMA Alliance.

Since then we have been trying our best to salvage the Alliance.

Last Tuesday we met with the AMA NSW President, Chief Executive Officer and their lawyer and we again told them that we needed to explore all options to save the Alliance in the interest of DiTs.

Unfortunately, the AMA NSW rejected all of our suggestions and confirmed they want to terminate the Alliance.

We believe this is a slap in the face for all NSW DiTs and we have received overwhelming support from members for us to do everything we can to save the Alliance.

ASMOF remains 100% committed to continuing its effective support and advocacy to improve the working lives and conditions for DiTs in NSW.

We will continue to provide excellent industrial representation to members. This includes ramping up the class action case and pursuing an industrial case over Registrar classification and pay to fight for a fair pay structure which guarantees that DiTs are classified and paid at the level which corresponds to the work they perform and not an artificial and arbitrary classification based on Post Graduate Year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Andrew Holland, via email.