UPDATE: Residual Level 1 Balances


As members may be aware, ASMOF successfully challenged the erroneous interpretation of the Staff Specialist Determination and Training Education and Study Leave for Staff Specialists Policy Directive 2019_043 regarding the access to your residual Level 1 funds following a transfer to Levels 2-5.

As a result, the TESL Policy Staff Specialists transferring from Rights of Private Practice (RoPP) Level 1 to Levels 2-5 maintains the balance of their Level 1 entitlement in terms of days accrued and any remaining funds balance, but no longer receives any additional funding from the general fund.

Following consultation between the Ministry, LHDs and ASMOF the TESL policy ensures that Staff Specialists who change RoPP Levels from 1 to 2-5, and who have not used the entirety of their accumulated Level 1 funds, continue to be able to access and use the their residual Level 1 balance and that access to these funds is not time-limited.

Importantly, any Staff Specialist whose balance was removed prior to this clarification must have their balances returned immediately by your relevant District or Network.

If you have any questions about the above arrangements, or if you believe your balance has not returned, please contact ASMOF at allocation@asmof.org.au to discuss this matter further.