Update: TESL Balance Reduction




As members are aware, ASMOF is still in dispute about the balances of TESL as a result of the changes implemented by HealthShare in August/September.

The matter is progressing and we have a meeting with the Ministry, HealthShare and ASMOF on 13 February with a report back to the Industrial Relations Commission on 17 February.

At the meeting with the Ministry and HealthShare, ASMOF will be seeking these resolutions:

  • All Staff Specialists affected are provided with a breakdown of their leave data provided to HealthShare by the District
  • Staff from Districts impacted by the change to pro-rata TESL allocation are not disadvantaged in anyway
  • If a Staff Specialist feels there is an issue, then they can dispute the amount. The amount provided by the Staff Specialist will be accepted by the District (unless there is clear evidence to suggest otherwise).

Further, if members recall, ASMOF drafted two letters which were edited, and then approved by the Ministry to be sent to all Districts, and Staff Specialists, respectively, to explain the issue to reduce confusion for all parties.

Disappointingly, we are hearing from more managers at some Districts that they have not received any letter. Ultimately, this has caused more confusion for both staff, and TESL Managers in the Districts. We will be raising this specifically at the Commission.

However, we are still advising staff who are affected to first contact their TESL manager, and forward any correspondence to ASMOF so we can raise these issues individually with HealthShare and the Ministry.

Once again, we can only assist ASMOF members who have contacted us. If you know a non-member affected, please let them know they must contact us and become a member to be included in this dispute.

For all existing members who are affected, please contact Industrial Officer Damien Lee via damienl@asmof.org.au, or at the ASMOF Office on 9212 6900.