Update: TESL Balance Reduction



As members are aware, ASMOF has been involved in a dispute relating to the retrospective adjustments to TESL Balances to full-time and part-time staff specialists.

ASMOF returned to the Industrial Relations Commission (‘Commission’) on Friday 21 April and had a significant win. During the proceedings, HealthShare attempted to explain the adjustments that have impacted part-time staff specialists due to the recalculations towards a pro-rata system, however, they could not justify or explain why full-time staff specialists had also seen reductions in their leave balances. Consequently, Commissioner Murphy noted that HealthShare and the Districts have clearly made an error in the re-calculations of TESL, and would need to justify to the union precisely what has occurred.

He has proposed a recommendation for the parties to meet with senior members of the Ministry next week, and that they must cooperate to the full extent with ASMOF to detail and provide a fundamental review of how the StaffLink Payroll System that governs TESL has been implemented, including what process and data was used to retrospectively adjust TESL Balances.

ASMOF will work with the Ministry and HealthShare to review the system, and will develop an agreed process to be implemented.

ASMOF’s core position is that all TESL balances prior to the review are reloaded, staff are consulted accordingly, and that all changes and agreements focus on prospective governance, and do not include unjust and unfair retrospective adjustments.

We will update you as this progresses.

If you feel you have been impacted by this in any way, please contact Industrial Officer Damien Lee via email at damienl@asmof.org.au or through the ASMOF Office on 9212 6900.