UPDATE: TESL Balance Reduction



As members are aware, ASMOF is in dispute with the Ministry of Health over the unilateral reduction of TESL Balances of Staff Specialists.

In the previous article, we spoke of the significant win in the Commission following Commissioner Murphy’s recommendation that the Ministry must engage with ASMOF and review the data, and process of the StaffLink Payroll System to resolve this matter.

ASMOF has met with the Ministry, and have set up a fortnightly Working Group to review the TESL Balances of Staff Specialists affected in each District. We are in the process of generating agreed principles for the review process.

The Ministry has noted that there were errors in the data provided, and are seeking to resolve instances where a Staff Specialist’s balance has been inappropriately reduced.

ASMOF note there is a secondary matter that the Ministry must consider. That is the process / formula applied to TESL balances through StaffLink’s payroll system, which led to retrospective adjustments due to the change of accrual rates. This has affected both Full-Time and Part-Time Staff Specialists.

At ASMOF’s request, the Ministry have noted that “Staff Specialists who have an apparent negative balance; and/or who have taken other types of leave for training, education of study purposes since balances have been displayed in StaffLink from 2016 and/or whose planning to use TESL in the near future is affected by disagreement about balances; will be addressed first in the process. Appropriate consideration will be made to overcome actual or potential detriment to the specific Staff Specialists in these circumstances”.

We note that members have already contacted us in relation to the detriment this has had on them, and this has been recorded. As this is an ongoing matter, and to ensure we have the most accurate records as we enter this review process, we are requesting members contact us detailing, and if possible provide evidence, any detriment you have faced as a result of this decision.

For example:
  1. Are you in negative balance?
  2. Have you had to take alternative forms of leave, including leave without pay, to take your TESL?
  3. Have you had to cancel pre-approved TESL?
  4. Have you been underpaid as a result of going into negative leave whilst on TESL?
As stated previously, we can only assist members who contact us. For the benefit of your colleagues, please share this email. Furthermore, please notify any non-members who have been affected to contact us immediately, as we cannot negotiate any adjustments at this time if they are not a member.

ASMOF will send members affected the agreed principles between ASMOF and the Ministry as soon as they are finalised.

Please contact Industrial Officer Damien Lee if you have been impacted in anyway via damienl@asmof.org.au, or alternatively, at the ASMOF Office on 9212 6900.