UPDATE: TESL Balance Win For Staff Specialists


As members will recall, since November 2016 ASMOF has been involved in a dispute with the Ministry of Health and HealthShare regarding the unilateral adjustments to TESL Balances. ASMOF raised concerns when members’ TESL balances were reduced without consultation.

We are pleased to remind members that all part-time Staff Specialists in NSW who suffered a negative balance have received a resolution whereby their balance has been set to zero as at September 29, 2016. Consequently, they gain a positive balance, enabling them to take much needed TESL.

We note for some, they had negative balances close to -100 days.

ASMOF has begun receiving emails from members showing us that their balance has been restored. If you were affected and had your balance restored, we would love to hear from you. Or if you know a non-member who received the benefit, tell them to get in contact with us. It would be a great opportunity to explain to them how their situation was resolved and the importance of joining their union.

If you have any questions or have received your letter and would like further information, please contact Industrial Officer Damien Lee at your earliest convenience via damienl@asmof.org.au, or alternatively through the ASMOF Office on 9212 6900.