As members will be aware, ASMOF is in dispute with the Ministry of Health and HealthShare over discrepancies with TESL balances as a result of changes to the way TESL is recorded in StaffLink.

HealthShare have responded to a letter we sent to them at the end of last year demanding answers to our questions in relation to the data used. However, their response does little to explain the vast discrepancies observed by consultants across NSW.

So far over 60 members from a variety of Districts have contacted us with issues in relation to the balances of their TESL. ASMOF will negotiate with the Ministry on behalf of the members who have contacted us.

We are concerned about the members who have not checked their balance and may not realise there has been a loss to their entitlements. As in many cases with workers in all professions, the checking of leave is something you do when you need to take it, and not something that you monitor or record on a regular basis. However, we believe that due to the large volume of consultants who have already contacted us, there is a high chance that staff may have been impacted unknowingly.

We are advising all staff to get in contact with us if you have any concerns in relation to your TESL balances.

We are also asking members to have a discussion with non-members about their TESL. ASMOF will not be able to negotiate any adjustments for them if they are not a member.

So we can help them secure their entitlements non-members must join ASMOF. If they feel they have been impacted, please ask them to contact us and note that they feel they have been impacted by this TESL review.

Feel free to email any concerns or questions you have to Industrial Officer, Damien Lee, on damienl@asmof.org.au, or via the ASMOF Office 9212 6900.