URGENT FEED BACK NEEDED - Policy Consultation on NSW Health Security




Last Month ASMOF received the attached letter from the Ministry of Health inviting us to provide feedback on the proposed amendments to the Ministry’s security-related policies. These proposed amendments, the Ministry says, are the results of their 2016 Security Audit and the Ministry’s commitment to updating selected policies to ensure they support the work being done across the NSW Health facilities to address risks associated with aggression and violence.

It is important that the ASMOF feedback includes the views of our membership, therefore we are seeking comments from you on the Ministry’s revisions.

For your review and comments, the following documents have been provided:

  • A table which sets out the key changes proposed for each of the two identified documents under review (the table is a one-page summary)
  • A draft consolidated version of the revised policies that includes the proposed changes (highlighted using tracked changes)
  • The Ministry’s feedback template (in Excel format)

For your information, the two security-related policies being reviewed are “Protecting People and Property Manual” and “Violence Prevention & Management Training Policy”. Please click on the links provided below to view these policies in their current form published on the NSW Health website.

For your reference, attached here is the NSW Health Emergency Department Security Review dated 15 August 2016.

If you would like to provide feedback* on the Ministry’s draft policies, please use the feedback template provided and email your comments to tiffanyt@asmof.org.au by no later than COB Thursday, 24th of August 2017.

* Feedback will be collated and de-identified.