Use of open plan office contributes to training accreditation failure in SA



The Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) have failed to obtain unconditional accreditation for Junior Medical Officers (JMOs), and have been given until mid-next year to rectify the issues.

Two key concerns identified by The South Australian Medical Education and Training Health Advisory Council related to workload/safe working hours and privacy issues arising from the us of open plan work spaces which prevented proper debriefing and support of JMOs by the JMO unit.

Concern exist that JMOs will not attend the postgraduate education office when they are in crisis and need of support, due to lack of privacy because it is an open plan workspace.

ASMOF NSW President Dr Tony Sara says, “This is one of the arguments that we have been putting forward in NSW about staff specialists’ office accommodation and why we will continue to fight against the push in NSW to open plan work spaces

JMOs also reported a concerning level of workload in at least 10 RAH units, including stroke, cardiology, and neurosurgery and several QEH units, finding workload affects an intern’s ability to attend weekly education sessions, their ability to complete discharge summaries as well as JMO welfare. Workload issues also affect JMOs in NSW and therefore we continue to campaign for safer working hours for our members.

The ASMOF South Australian Branch, the SA Salaried Medical Officers Association (SASMOA) said trainee doctors were the most vulnerable group of staff in hospitals.

"They're the ones probably the least likely to speak up when there are issues," the Union president Laura Willington said.

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