Using TESL to buy Apple


Recently our members have been raising concerns that their TESL applications to purchase Apple products were being routinely rejected at NSLHD and CCLHD. ASMOF wrote to the Districts to confirm your entitlements and we are pleased to note that both NSLHD and CCLHD have responded noting that they will not restrict the purchase of Apple products through staff specialist funding.

They note that the standard line of products does not include Apple products, however, non-standard devices such as iPads, iPhones and other Apple products are available through the Technology Shop by following the relevant purchase process.

Staff Specialists’ access to TESL Funding for Apple products is contained in Clause 5.2 of the Training Education and Study Leave for Staff Specialists Policy Directive 2019_043, states:

Laptops and mobile internet capable devices required for work purposes (where these have not otherwise been provided by the employer) can be purchased in consultation with the relevant PHO Information Technology Unit in respect of compatibility, connectivity and configuration. Such devices will remain the property of the PHO. The funding arrangements are as follows:

  • $2,000 per year accumulating to a maximum of $6,000 over a three year cycle to pay for the purchase and replacement of a laptop and / or mobile internet capable devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone) at the Staff Specialist’s discretion. The quantum of this funding arrangement will be subject to annual review in conjunction with the recalculation of the TESL funding for Level 1 Staff Specialists.
  • The annual allocation to occur on the date and month of commencement of the Staff Specialist’s employment.
  • On the commencement of this Policy Directive, all Staff Specialists employed at the time of its promulgation will be deemed to hold at least one year’s allocation, with the second year allocation subsequently becoming available on the date and month of their employment commencing.
  • Expenditure may occur in advance with the agreement of the employer.

Clause 5.2 in no way restricts a staff specialist from purchasing a particular brand of laptop or mobile internet capable device. Moreover, it specifically identifies that Apple products are contemplated as legitimate devices.

Clause 5.2 places two conditions. First, consultation must occur with the PHO IT Unit with respect to compatibility, connectivity and configuration. Second, the staff specialist must have the relevant funds to be used at their discretion.

If you have consulted with the PHO IT unit, you are able to your funds at your discretion to purchase of Apple products.

If you are having difficulty utilising your funds to purchase devices, please contact ASMOF at