Wage Freeze Update- Decision pending


On Wednesday the Salaries Award proceedings concluded after 8 days of hearing in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

Throughout the hearing, the Government failed to provide:

  1. How they came to the $3 billion savings figure repeatedly used in the media in support of the government’s wage freeze; and
  2. specific examples of the alleged “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects where the “wage cut savings” may be spent, as a more effective way of stimulating the economy than via the spending of public sector workers across NSW.

ASMOF and the other Unions maintained the position that a wage increase in the order of 2.5% is both appropriate and a more effective means of stimulus due to the propensity for recipients to spend rather than save any extra money.

The Full Bench has reserved their decision and we hope to receive their decision within weeks, although the members have noted their very full diaries, so it may end up being months. Rest assured we are pushing for back pay.

Attend our meeting on the wage freeze on Thursday 27th August to find out more- invite will be sent to all members via email next week.