Wage Offer 2021-22



NSW Health has written to ASMOF with an offer of a 1.04% pay increase for members for 2021-22. This offer will be looked at by the Union’s governing body but it is deeply disappointing given the appalling 0.3% pay increase last year.

This offer ignores all doctors' hard work and accepting it will lock our Union into another 12 months where we are unable to pursue necessary Award changes for members.

In late March the NSW Government slipped through changes to the NSW Public Sector Wages Policy which means salary increases will now be limited to 1.5% a year instead of 2.5%.

The Government has also offset the pay increase against the 0.5% superannuation guarantee increase which will come into effect on 1 July 2021. This means that once again we are being forced to pay for our own additional superannuation out of the scheduled pay rise.

Last year Unions banded together to fight a campaign against the public sector wage freeze, and we will continue to work as a movement to push for meaningful wage growth.

Wage freezes do not just affect our back pocket, they are also bad news for the economy. The ABC recently reported that:

'Australia's economic policymakers at the Reserve Bank and Treasury are desperate to see higher wages growth... But their political masters appear to have missed the memo.'  

While our Council considers the next steps, we encourage you to add your name in solidarity to the call to increase the minimum wage across Australia. You can sign here.