Wages 2013


That time of year again ...

It is anticipated that discussions with the Ministry of Health (‘Ministry’) will commence shortly on increases due from 1 July 2013.  These discussions will (unfortunately) continue to be undertaken within the wage fixing framework promulgated by the NSW Government via legislation, regulation and policy.  With the failure of the High Court challenge last year to the validity of the legislative changes, options appear very bare. 

ASMOF officers are currently assessing the current situation and exploring approaches with other public health unions, mindful that ASMOF is a partner in a number of awards with the HSU NSW.  As members may have seen, the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association is commencing a push for a claim that includes acceptance of the mandated 2.5% increase but does so in conjunction with an expansion of the nurse-patient ratio schema agreed to prior to the election of the current NSW Government.  

It is unclear what response or approach will be adopted by the NSW Government and Ministry to not only that claim (we could probably have a reasonable guess) but how they will approach all public health awards.  To date the Ministry has eschewed any attempt to table award changes it would seek in return for higher wage outcomes. 

Here we go ...