We want you to be proud to be Union


ASMOF members are the building blocks of our union and we want to ensure that every single ASMOF member is proud to be part of our Union.

For you to feel proud to be Union you need confidence that we will engage with you to identify and prioritise your concerns - you need a union which is member-centred and achieves results.

To assist us in this mission we have developed a Service Standard Policy which outlines, among other things the standards that ASMOF staff are expected to follow in carrying out their work.

At the core of the policy sits our vision which states that ASMOF is an active, member driven union that successfully asserts members’ interests and advocates for the provision of quality health services. We have a proud history of acting on behalf of members in all aspects of their working lives, providing support, expert advice and collective as well as individual representation.

We know that members contact ASMOF for a variety of reasons and with varying expectations. We believe that all members have a right to timely and high-quality representation. However, there are certain limits, including legal limits which we must operate within.

Although members should be assured we will do our utmost to support them they also need to be advised that it is not always possible to achieve the expectation that they wish for.

After an initial assessment of the issue it may be possible to give a member/s an indication of what outcomes to expect but this should be seen as being under cover of ‘in principle’ advice – if all the information given is accurate and there are no other complications – and may include the range from worst to best case scenarios.

Who will provide the service?

Workplace advice and support is provided by a team of experienced industrial officers and we will make sure that the most appropriate person handles your case.

What can a member expect from ASMOF?

When a member contacts ASMOF they can expect the following:

  • that their confidentiality will be respected
  • that there will be a timely response to their request for information and advice
  • that they will be consulted about any proposed action that will be taken on their behalf.
  • Further information is in the ASMOF Member Representation Policy & Procedure.

    ASMOF staff will continually strive to ensure that 100% of all enquiries are responded to or updated no later than the next working day and that members will be updated on their matters at least every four weeks.

    What are ASMOF’s expectations?

    A positive collaborative approach facilitates communication between members and ASMOF staff. ASMOF staff will treat all members with dignity and respect, likewise, ASMOF staff expect to be treated with dignity and respect by members. Abusive, hostile or threatening behaviour towards union staff will not be tolerated, nor will sexual harassment of ASMOF staff. Industrial assistance for a member may be withdrawn if it is considered the member’s conduct towards ASMOF staff is inappropriate.

    To be able to provide effective service ASMOF expects that members will:

  • provide the Union with all available relevant information
  • maintain full financial membership of ASMOF
  • follow ASMOF’S verbal and written advice.