WE WON’T WAIT: Welcome news in the Campaign for Domestic Violence Leave


In welcome news, the Labor party has pledged that it will legislate the ACTU’s claim for 10 days paid domestic violence leave if elected at the next election.

ASMOF was one of many unions, led by the ASU and the ACTU, that have campaigned in support of domestic violence leave being included as a minimum entitlement in the National Employment Standards of the Fair Work Act. 

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Why is it needed?

Domestic violence is a devastating social issue in Australia. If an employee experiences domestic violence, having access to 10 days paid leave will give them time off to attend court to obtain an AVO, seek advice, relocate to a safer environment, or seek medical assistance. Paid leave will ensure that they continue to be paid and have an income stream at a time when they most need it.

What next?

The campaign for domestic violence leave is not over yet. There is still strong opposition from some parts of the business community and the liberal party does not support the introduction of domestic violence leave. Unions are now calling on Malcolm Turnbull and the liberal government to support the introduction of domestic violence leave.

You can sign the petition in support of domestic violence leave here: www.wewontwaitdv.org.au