Weekend Ward Rounds - SCHN



ASMOF were contacted by several members regarding payment for attending weekend ward rounds.

They advised that they had that have historically only been paid 2 hours for this work.

We highlighted to management that a 4-hour payment at the applicable overtime rate is payable in the circumstances by virtue:

  1. Clause 12(iv) of the Public Hospital Medical Officers’ Award – recall;

Or, dependant on the facts, -

  1. Clause 6(iii) of the Public Hospital Medical Officers’ Award – 4 hour minimum shift length.

We requested a review of pays for those JMOs who had worked and attended weekend ward rounds and advised that retrospective payment should apply.

SCHN conceded that the minimum payment of 4 hours had not been applied and that retrospective payment would be paid to those JMOs who been incorrectly paid. We were advised that adjustment sheets were sent to Healthshare for processing and payment.

What should I do now

  1. If you are required to work weekend ward rounds whether that be via a call back or simply being required to attend the hospital for the purposes of undertaking weekend ward rounds then you are entitled to be paid a minimum of 4 hours pay at the applicable overtime rate.
  2. Check your pay to ensure that you are being paid a minimum of 4 hours payment for working weekend ward rounds and not just the hours you work.
  3. Advise ASMOF if you require assistance via (allocation@asmof.org.au)