Welcome Interns and SVH win


UNION WIN: Doctors in Training receive thousands in back pay

ASMOF has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in underpayments from unpaid meal breaks for JMO’s at St Vincent’s Hospital, going back to January 2017. Doctors received their back pay on Wednesday,

This is another great win in our campaign to get LHD's to ensure that their roster templates are set up correctly to comply with the award entitlements. For members at WSLHD, ASMOF is in the process of finalising outstanding back pay for unpaid meal breaks. If you have any questions about meal break pay contact kerries@asmof.org.au

ASMOF members welcome 2021 Interns

This week ASMOF staff and members have been visiting hospitals across NSW to meet interns and talk about our Union. We have had to do things a little differently this year due to the challenges of COVID, but we have been able to speak to interns virtually and in person about the advantages of Union membership at every site.

Let’s give a warm welcome to all our 2021 interns, most of whom will be working in the hospital system for the first time. They will be starting their new role at a challenging time and our more seasoned doctors will no doubt be providing invaluable support.

Please let interns in your workplace know they can get in touch with ASMOF if they ever have questions or issues with their contract, roster, mandatory training, pay or any other workplace issue. https://doctorsintraining.org.au/contact/. If they haven’t already joined please encourage them to join online at www.doctorsintraining.org.au – intern membership is $26.70 a month.

We are very grateful for the assistance of members who contributed their video messages for our O Week presentation. You can watch ASMOF members message for interns here: https://youtu.be/kGQk_YNCSjM

We are also very appreciative to all our members who came to speak at an O Week event or provided a written testimonial.

Our thanks go to:
Dr Liz Swinburn Dr Felix Lee
Dr Jana Pittman Dr Carola Wittekind
Dr Noor Bari Dr Benjamin Thomas
Dr Bernard Myers Dr Andrew McDonald
Dr Clinton Colaco Dr Wenjie Zhong
Dr Chris Selvaraj  Dr David Mathers
Dr James Mallows Dr Yvonne Nguyen
Dr Chong-Siew Yong Dr Jesse Ende
Dr Sean Conte Dr Tony Sara
Dr Robert Dewar Dr Anthony Nassour 
Dr Will Harrison Dr Nikk Moore
Dr Brendon Lee