Westmead Clinical School


Dr Alan Pham, ASMOF Councillor and Deputy Chair of the AMA/ASMOF DITC, addressed the final year students at Westmead Clinical School along with officers from both the AMA/ASMOF Alliance. 

Dr Pham shared his journey thus far from medical student to his current role as the Burns Registrar at SCHN Westmead and how he balances this role with his advocacy roles, as well as looking after his family and 3 year old son.  He talked about the importance of having a life/work balance and how as interns they needed to ensure that they looked out for each other’s health and well-being.  He also outlined the ups and downs of training and the difficulties in securing a position on a training program.     

Dr Pham gave an overview of the HHC survey results which were more specific to the workplace (Westmead Hospital) that the final year students would be commencing at as interns in January 2018.

He outlined the role of the DITC and their advocacy on behalf of Junior Medical Officers (JMOs) and outlined some of the benefits of being an Alliance member and some of the educational programs that we offer to members.