What can you claim under the TESL Policy?




ASMOF staff regularly receive enquiries from members about what they can and cannot claim as part of the training, education and study leave expenses.

Staff Specialists should be aware that TESL is not only is about attending conferences.

The expenses covered by TESL funds for Level 1 Staff Specialists also include:

  • Conference registration or course fees/ accommodation
  • 1/3 of the costs of memberships in the colleges listed at Schedule 2 of the Award
  • Books and journals relevant to your specialty (they remain property of the Hospital)
  • Post-graduate course fees
  • Laptops and mobile internet capable devices (e.g. I-phone or I-Pad) where these have not otherwise been provided by the employer can be purchased in consultation with the relevant PHO Information Technology Unit (this also remains property of the PHO) - $2000 per year accumulating to a maximum $6000 a year over a 3 year cycle.

The relevant clause of the TESL policy directive is located on pages 11 and 12 (clause 5.2).

If you have any queries on the above, please contact the ASMOF office.

*Staff Specialists have an entitlement to funds, but must submit an application to the PHO for approval in order to utilise them.