What is Family and Community Services (FACS) Leave?




All the ASMOF state awards have provisions for Family and Community Services (FACS) leave.

Grounds for FACs Leave

FACS leave is available and should be granted for the following:

  1. to provide care and/or support for sick member of the employee’s family or household.
  2. for reasons related to the family responsibilities of the employee, including:
  • to arrange and or attend a funeral of a relative;
  • to accompany a relative to a medical appointment where there is an element of emergency;
  • parent/teacher meetings;
  • education week activities;
  • to meet elder-care requirements of a relative.
  1. for reasons related to the performance of community service by the employee, including:
  • in matters relating to citizenship;
  • to office holders in local government, other than as a mayor, for attendance at meetings, conferences or other associated duties;
  • representing Australia or the State in major amateur sport other than in Olympic/Commonwealth Games.
  1. in a case of pressing necessity, including:
  • where an employee is unable to attend work because of adverse weather conditions which either prevent attendance or threaten life or property;
  • the illness of a relative;
  • care of a child where usual arrangements has been disrupted.
  • Where an employee is prevented from attending their normal work location due to a major transport disruption.
  1. Where an employee is experiencing family and domestic violence.

An employee may also be granted FACS leave for attendance at court to answer a criminal charge if approved by the Chief Executive and applications for FACS leave to attend court, for reasons other than criminal charges, will be assessed on an individual basis.

Accrual of FACs Leave

FACs leave accrues as follows:

  1. Three working days during the first year of service and thereafter six working days in any period of two years; or
  2. One working day, on a cumulative basis for each year of service after two years’ continuous service, years (minus any period of FACS leave already taken by the employee),

whichever method provides the employee with the greater entitlement.

FACS Leave is available to part time employees on a pro rata basis.

Additional Leave

Where FACS leave has been exhausted, additional FACS leave of up to two days for bereavement may be granted on a discrete, "per occasion" basis to an employee on the death of a relative or member of a household.

If you have any questions about FACs leave or you have encountered difficulties accessing your entitlement then contact us at allocation@asmof.org.au


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