What's it take to become a Senior CMO?


Are you a CMO with 7 years' post grad experience? Are you entitled to make an application for senior CMO?

Clause 4 of the CMO Award provides a classification of Senior CMO. 

There is no automatic progression  to become a Senior CMO (SCMO). The following conditions must be met: 

  1. At least 7 years postgraduate clinical experience, and 
  2. Must have a demonstrated capacity to perform clinical duties  and responsibilities at a senior level with minimal clinical supervision in one or more areas of medical specialty, and 
  3. Is required by the employer to perform clinical duties and responsibilities in one or more areas of medical specialty as required by the employer. 

The process for making an application for regrading as a SCMO is contained in the Regrading Guidelines for SCMO. An ASMOF Industrial Officer participates in the SCMO Grading Committee to ensure that all applications are given proper consideration. 

The biggest issue which the ASMOF representatives have noticed is not the applications, but the delay between CMOs prepare their applications, and when they are sent to the SCMO Grading Committee. 

If you consider that you meet the requirements for regrading to SCMO, and have prepared your application and not heard back, contact ASMOF, and we will follow up. 

When the employer forwards you application to the SCMO Grading Committee, it should be reviewed by the SCMO Grading Committee within 28 days.  However ASMOF is aware that many applications appear not to be forwarded by the LHD/Network. 

If you require further information about whether you are entitled to make a SCMO Application or assistance with the process, contact ASMOF.