Win! 2020 Interns paid for training


Win! 2020 Interns paid for training 

We were contacted by the 2020 interns at POW hospital advising that they were required to undertake the HETI online training modules prior to commencing in January and no compensation had been paid. Due to the busy O week schedule and following buddy week, the interns were unable to undertake the training in their ordinary hours.

ASMOF subsequently wrote to management requesting payment for the time they spent undertaking the mandatory training in their own time (regardless of the fact that they had not yet commenced working).

Following discussions with POW JMO unit, the request was declined with management asserting that the interns either had the time to complete it in ordinary hours or were given time off in lieu of payment, however the interns and ASMOF disputed this. We therefore escalated the matter to the SESLHD. Following those discussions we are pleased to advise that the SESLHD agreed with ASMOF and have advised that overtime will be  paid for claims that were submitted.

Policy Directive 2019_027 Employment Arrangements for Medical Officers Working in the NSW Health Service;

9.1.7 Mandatory Training

Mandatory training should be completed in rostered hours. In circumstances where a medical officer is required and directed by their employer to complete mandatory training outside of their rostered hours, they may undertake unrostered overtime.

If you have difficulties getting paid for your mandatory training and/or your unrostered overtime you should contact us via ASMOF Allocation ( for assistance.