Win for NBH DiTs on Unrostered Overtime Policy


ASMOF NSW has negotiated a new Unrostered Overtime Policy for DiTs at the Northern Beaches Hospital (NBH) - reflecting similar arrangements to the NSW Health Policy Directive PD2019_027.

NBH initially put forward a draft policy, without any consultation with the Union or members which was inferior to the new NSW Health Policy and which would have made it extremely difficult for DiT’s to make a claim as they had to get a number of signatures from senior staff prior to overtime being paid.

With the support of our members we threatened a dispute and this led to management withdrawing the draft policy and then sitting down with the union to negotiate a new policy.

After a number of meetings ASMOF and our delegates negotiated a much-improved policy which includes the nine criteria for working unrostered overtime without approval and an additional clause which allows DiTs to attend work early and claim unrostered overtime without prior approval if they are required or directed by NBH to attend.

To capitalise on the great work of our delegates at NBH and to maintain the spirit of good will we have also set up a Union Specific Consultative Committee (USCC) which will meet each month. The first meeting will occur in early October.