Wollongong Hospital JMO Education Session



JMOs from the Wollongong hospital RMOA attended one of our AMA/ASMOF Alliance education sessions last Tuesday night - "Knowing Your Award and Understanding Your Payslips".

ASMOF Officers Kerrie Seymour & Karin Thompson walked JMOs through their entitlements under the award provisions as well as how to interpret the different items listed & adjustments displayed on their payslips.

The pair from ASMOF outlined how to best navigate your way through the staff link site in order to identify hours worked to hours paid, checking what leave and ADOs are both available and what has been taken.

Due to the interactive nature of the information session, JMOs left at the conclusion with a greater knowledge of their rights, how to claim them as well as how to balance time worked to time paid.

JMO feedback stated that they thoroughly enjoyed the session and found the information both helpful and insightful.

Over the last 4 years ASMOF (NSW) has recovered over $7 million dollars in underpayments of wages for JMOs.

If you would like to have an education session at your workplace please contact Kerrie Seymour via email kerries@asmof.org.au or direct line 9902 8122.