WSLHD – Westmead Hospital Central Acute Services Building (CASB) Consultation


Consultation with WSLHD and the Health Unions has commenced regarding the transition of services to the CASB. Consultation will take place through fortnightly two-hour site visits and fortnightly one-hour virtual meetings. This structure will involve a site visit to specific areas of the CASB, with the following week’s meeting scheduled to discuss such areas. On 8 August the District provided ASMOF with a schedule for this consultation period until 1 December, floor plans of the CASB with the exception of levels 10 and 11, and a draft of proposed additional staffing for the CASB which is still pending MoH approval.

Site Visit of ED -

Our industrial staff attended the first site visit to the ED on 6 August 2020 and the meeting to discuss the ED was held on 11 August 2020. According to the District, services are due to transition to the CASB from February 2021, with the ED being one of the first to move (late February).

We have raised several queries with Westmead management and have requested further information from them including floor plans for level 10 and 11, a schedule of consultation with staff in the affected departments, and a further breakdown of the additional medical staff from the draft proposal with respect to the ED, ALS CERS, and JMOs.

Site Visit of Staff Spaces –

Our industrial staff will attend a site visit of staff spaces, including tea rooms and staff specialists’ offices on 3 September. We understand the provision of appropriate office accommodation and other staff spaces is an important issue for our members. If you are scheduled to move into a new office in the CASB and have questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us before our site visit.

Get in touch with us!

ASMOF industrial staff will be contacting each affected cohort throughout the consultation process and will be convening zoom meetings with members to discuss any concerns. We welcome any feedback or concerns from members in relation to the transition to CASB. You can send your feedback to and