ASMOF NSW Welcomes new interns


We welcome the 1031 doctors commencing their employment as interns in NSW in 2020. ASMOF staff and members will be out in force visiting 22 hospitals during O Week, speaking to interns and encouraging new signs ups. Please take a look at our schedule and come say hello.

Union membership is essential for new interns, who will have complex new systems and diverse workplace cultures to navigate.

Some of the 2020 interns have already benefited from the power of the union. Interns at St Vincents were offered contracts with the incorrect salary rate and thanks to ASMOF actions the contracts were reissued with the correct rate.

Take a look at the attached- 2019 Wins for doctors in training- to see more wins we have had recently- including safer hours.

If you meet a new intern over the next few weeks say hi and ask them if they have joined their Union and let them know that if they encounter a problem with accessing their leave entitlements or not being paid correctly, it is only ASMOF that can help them fix this.


If you use social media, you can also welcome interns, provide advice and promote the Union online. Here are some great recent examples: