Your Rights of Private Practice arrangements cannot be changed without your consent


When a Staff Specialist commences employment, they may elect to participate in a Rights of Private Practice (ROPP) level arrangement at Level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

A Staff Specialist may choose to change this level prior to 30 June each year. But the election cannot be changed during the year unless by the mutual agreement of the Staff Specialist and the Public Health Organisation.

Staff Specialists are under no obligation to change their level and their level cannot be changed without their agreement.

If you do want to change level, there is a formal process that must be followed to action this.

This is clearly outlined in the Staff Specialist Determination 2015.

So, you can understand our concern when we were recently told that some Hospitals have unilaterally changed the level of the rights of private practice for Staff Specialists without their consent. Changes without the consent of a Staff Specialist is not only a breach of the Determination but can have significant impacts on the salary of staff specialists.

We have had one case that led to backpay and another case which involved an overpayment of nearly $300,000 which spanned several years and needed to be recovered by the Hospital.

Our advice to members is to check your level in StaffLink and make sure it has not been amended or changed without your consent.

If you think your elected level has been changed without your consent, please contact us on 9212 6900 or at