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ASMOF Member Benefits

  • ACTU Member Connect []
  • Union Shopper []
    Union Shopper is an organisation that will find the product you want at the best possible price and it is now available to ASMOF (NSW) Members. More information on the type of products they provide are detailed on their website.


  • Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (New Zealand) []
    The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) is a professional association and union for salaried senior medical and dental officers within New Zealand.

  • Australian Council of Trade Unions []
    The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), represents around 1.8 million workers, and is the only peak council and national centre representing the Australian workforce.
  • Australian Medical Association []
    The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is an independent organisation which represents more than 27,000 doctors, whether salaried or in private practice, whether general practitioners, specialists, teachers and researchers, or doctors in training.
  • Australasian Society of Career Medical Officers (ASCMO) []
    ASCMO is run by Career Medical Officers for Career Medical Officers, to support their informational, educational, industrial and political needs.
  • Society of Superannuants []

Services for Doctors

  • First State Super Scheme [ ]
    A superannuation scheme exclusive for NSW public sector employees. First State Super Online Education - How Much Super Do You Need? Have you ever wondered how much super you'll need for a comfortable life in retirement?  Many have asked this very question. Thus, First State Super has developed a guide to provide you with some useful insights and has launched a new online program to try and help members answer this question.  You can access their guide by clicking on the link below where you will be taken to First State Super's website. [ ]
  • State Authorities Super Scheme [ ]
    The SASS Scheme was established for NSW public sector employees.

  • Doctors' Mental Health []
    To promote optimal health and well-being in doctors and medical students.

  • Medical Benevolent Association []
    The Medical Benevolent Association is a completely independent organisation, funded solely through donations from the medical profession. Assistance is available to every registered medical practitioner in NSW and the ACT who is in need.

  • NSW Medical Board []

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