Bullying and Harassment

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H A R A S S M E N T :  D O C T O R S  U R G E D  T O  R E P O R T   A B U S E 

The AMA (NSW) and ASMOF (NSW) Alliance, representing doctors-in-training, is working to make it easier and safer for victims of bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment to come forward and report harassment and abuse.

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons today released its action plan for ending bullying and harassment in the industry. The report comes after an independent review found bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment were rife within its ranks.

“The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons report on bullying and sexual harassment is a huge step forward in improving the culture of the medical profession,” Australian Salaried Medical Officers’ Federation (NSW) President, Dr Tony Sara, said. "The next step is to ensure that doctors-in-training feel comfortable in coming forward.

“To that end, the AMA and ASMOF Alliance have a free call hotline for doctors-in-training where they can reach our expert industrial and legal staff.

“Our team is ready to assist any doctor who wants to report harassment and abuse and have their issue dealt with in a sensitive and confidential manner,” Dr Sara said.

Doctors-in-training who want to seek help from the AMA (NSW) and ASMOF (NSW) Alliance can call 1800 117 670. Doctors-in-training outside NSW will be referred to the relevant AMA and ASMOF entity.

“The AMA (NSW) and ASMOF (NSW) Alliance and ASMOF Federal are also developing a website to assist doctors-in-training with concerns over bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment,” AMA (NSW) President, Dr Saxon Smith, said.

“Everyone working in the hospital system has a role in fighting bullying and harassment and I’m proud of the strong leadership that’s been shown on this issue.

“Changing the culture is the long-term plan but in the short-term we need to ensure it is safe for people to come forward without putting their careers on the line.” Dr Smith said.

“The AMA and ASMOF are in a great position to help on both fronts and we look forward to working with the RACS to promote respect and counter bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment in our hospitals,” Dr Sara said.

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