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Media Release | 2 November 2016


Successful alcohol laws must be maintained to protect lives

Police, Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses and Health workers of the Last Drinks Coalition have put forward their support for the state’s highly successful alcohol laws amid reports in today’s media.

“There is no doubt, Sydney’s emergency services workers have seen street violence plummet and injuries fall. These laws are working, they are saving lives and they must be maintained and expanded” Last Drinks Spokesperson Dr Tony Sara said.  

Dr Sara said that there was clear and compelling evidence that the alcohol laws were drastically reducing the rates of street crime and reducing the number of admissions to Sydney’s emergency departments. The evidence was clear:

“In June this year the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics Research (BOSCAR) reported that Kings Cross had seen a staggering 59.2 per cent decrease in assaults between 6pm and 1.30am and a 93.9 per cent decrease between 3am and 6am.”

“In a one year period, emergency staff at St Vincent’s hospital could expect up to 26 patients to be admitted between 8pm and 8am with serious head injuries.”

“Shortly after the laws were introduced the number of patients admitted with serious head injuries at St Vincent’s had fallen by 50 per cent.”

“That’s undeniably proof that the alcohol laws have been a success. They have saved hundreds of people’s lives and spared thousands more from serious and debilitating injury.”

Dr Sara also said that the alcohol laws have had flow on benefits for community safety right across Sydney and NSW.

“Before the laws, each Friday and Saturday night Police were forced to bring in up to 40 additional General Duties officers from other metropolitan commands to deal with the drunken violence in Kings Cross.”

“Since the laws were introduced, these extra Police have not been required, freeing them up to undertake important policing work in their own communities.”

Dr Sara said that emergency services workers needed no further convincing.

“They’ve seen the positive change on Sydney’s streets and are concerned that relaxing the alcohol laws would result in a rapid increase in assaults, violence and serious injury.”

“We know that for every additional hour of trading after midnight, the rate of alcohol-related violence spikes by 20 per cent.

“That’s why our position on the current alcohol laws remains clear – the only change to the laws should be for them to be rolled out across the state.”

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