ASMOF is a strong and progressive union which works exclusively for salaried doctors.

With over 5000 members in NSW our strength lies in the dedication and commitment of our members to the provision and development of quality health services and to defending and promoting members’ industrial rights.

We provide a truly democratic voice for doctors to work together to achieve and maintain a fair and safe workplace, better pay and improved rights at work. By becoming an ASMOF member, you can add to the strength of this work. Our success depends on the support of members who share your interests and concerns.

ASMOF (NSW) employs specialist industrial staff to negotiate and your rights at work. As a member, you get:
  • Fast, accurate advice from our experienced industrial staff.
  • Expert representation in bargaining for salary increases and improved conditions of employment
  • Skilled advocacy of your issues and concerns in workplace disputes and restructuring, and if necessary quality representation in industrial tribunals.
We stand up for the rights of salaried doctors at work, and we have the proven track record of achieving real and meaningful improvements which includes recovering over $6 million in underpaid wages for junior doctors.

As a member, you can also access a range of value added services, including: 

 free, comprehensive travel insurance for you, your spouse and dependent children when travelling together domestically or overseas.


 accident journey insurance cover if you are injured travelling to or from work.
  Union Shopper and Australian Unions Member Benefits both 100% union-owned organisations that take advantage of the collective bargaining power of unions across Australia to provide benefits and savings to members and their families for a wide variety of consumer goods. You can save money with low cost banking and loans, on new cars, car hire, electrical goods, insurance, accommodation, travel, gift cards, movies, wine and more.
   a free, un-timed, initial consultation with Hall Payne lawyers (when referred by ASMOF) and a 10% discount on Hall Payne's standard rates if you continue to use any of its legal services.