Our Training, Education and Study Leave (TESL) is one of our most valuable entitlements as doctors working in the public health system.

Unfortunately taking our TESL is not always easy. With the Ministry of Health now consulting on the TESL Policy Directive, we have an important opportunity to campaign for fair access to TESL, so that we can all take our TESL.

In June we met with the Ministry to discuss our list of 34 claims to improve TESL.

We developed this list using the results of the TESL survey and our meetings with members, and whilst further changes to this list aren’t precluded, it currently forms the basis of the negotiations to reform the TESL Policy.

ASMOF will continue to fight for your rights for better and equitable access to your TESL. To win the changes we want to see, we will have to stand together as a profession and demand fair access to TESL. We will keep you updated on the negotiations and the actions we are organising for the campaign.

In the meantime send your questions, comments and TESL issues to ASMOF at [email protected].

What can you do to support this campaign?

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