ASMOF Statement on the conflict in Israel and Gaza

“ASMOF expresses its deep concern about the unfolding tragic events in Israel and Gaza, resulting in a devastating loss of innocent life on each side of the opposing factions. We condemn the kidnapping of civilians, and/or the targeting of civilians, as it goes against the Geneva Conventions and is never justified. We emphasise the importance of respecting international humanitarian law and upholding the principle of medical impartiality.
The union stands firmly against using medicine as a bargaining tool in any conflict. Civilians must be protected, and civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, must never be targeted. We extend our solidarity to all doctors on the ground, advocating for their ability to provide vital medical care without fear of being targeted.
In alignment with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), we call on all sides and the international community to work towards peace.
Our thoughts are with all those who have lost family, friends and loved ones during this crisis. ASMOF reiterates our strong opposition to war, violence, and racism, including antisemitism and islamophobia. Moreover, ASMOF will continue to support members who are affected by any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination and/or unreasonable treatment within the workplace.”