Doctors in NSW public hospitals currently face the worst employment conditions of any cohort of doctors in Australia. As a result of these poor conditions, 76% of ASMOF membershave considered resigning from their position as a doctor in the NSW Health Service.

We have a once in a generation chance to change this and keep doctors in NSW Health.

Almost 300 doctors attended our online meeting that outlined our Union's campaign to radically reform the Awards for medical officers in NSW. If you missed it you can watch the presentation here.

As part of the first phase of our campaign we are meeting with you and your colleagues.

We will be hosting online and on-site meetings across hospitals, LHDs, specialties and career stages, so that you can have your say on what needs to change.

At these meetingswewill jointly formulate our vision for what a modern Award for medical officers should look like.

Members and non-members are all invitedto come along, but registration for online events is essential.



We encourage you to forward the schedule to your MSCs, departments, and colleagues. Themore people in attendance the more rigorous the consultation! You are welcome to attend multiple consultations that arerelevant to you.

The next step in our campaign will be to take our asks to the whole Union membership for democratic endorsement.

If you have any questions or comments about our campaignplease email us at [email protected].We look forward to meeting with you!