JMO Accommodation Group

NSW Health has established a JMO Accommodation Advisory Group with ASMOF and we are looking for an interested member to join us as an ASMOF representative.

The group brings together the Union and stakeholders across the different regional and rural health networks who can advise the Ministry on incentivising and encouraging the rotation of trainee doctors in rural and regional areas. The next meeting is on 25 August at 11.30am and the group will meet between now and October 2022.

The group has had one meeting so far, where a number of issues were raised including:

  • Arrangements for JMOs with existing tenancies or mortgages.
  • Changing JMO status of employment from rotation to secondment – which would allow doctors to access allowances.
  • The different needs of JMOs including single occupancy and those with children or pets
  • Arrangements for private hospitals.
  • Current rental crisis putting pressure on availability.
  • Quality of accommodation facilities.

We also shared our JMO Accommodation Discussion Paper. If you’re interested in joining please email an Expression of Interest to Andrew Holland at [email protected] to find out more.