Member survey - healthcare funding in NSW

Over 700 ASMOF NSW members have already taken part in this important member-only survey -it's not too late to join them!

The feedback we receive through this survey is not just important for the Special Commission of Inquiry. It will be instrumental in shaping our Award Reform Campaign and our efforts to enhance the working conditions of doctors in public hospitals.

The results obtained so far consistently highlight issues such as insufficient compensation, challenges in recruitment and retention, a lack of recognition, a deficit of respect, and the burnout experienced by doctors. These issues not only adversely affect patient care and outcomes but also contribute to the exodus of doctors from NSW.




More than 76% of respondents said they have considered resigning from their position as a doctor in the NSW Health Service.

One member said:

"Staff specialists in NSW Health are amongst the lowest paid staff specialists in the country, combined with the highest housing costs in Sydney - as compared to any other capital city in the country. If NSW Health has to attract and retain talented senior medical staff, the renumerations to staff specialists must improve."

Another said:

"Understaffed for last 20 years. No increase in staff numbers despite a dramatic increase in workload"

ASMOF appreciates all the members who have provided feedback and shared their insights into medicine in NSW public hospitals and we urge doctors to participate in our campaign to reform the employment awards for doctors in the NSW Health Service.