Overtime- Work it, Claim it!

The NSW Government has relied on the goodwill of doctors in training for too long, knowing that even if you aren't paid, you will work the extra time to get the job done. The NSW Government are aware of this culture and does nothing about it. This is why we are prosecuting the NSW Government on behalf of our JMO members.

In addition to our legal strategy, we are running a 'Work It, Claim It!' campaign. The campaign aims to get all JMO members to track and claim all the overtime you work.

There are three simple steps to Work It, Claim It:
  1. Claim all of the overtime you work.
  2. If you have claimed for overtime worked and have not been paid, raise the matter with your manager and payroll in writing so you have a record.
  3. If, after this step, you have still not been paid, contact ASMOF at [email protected].