I am reaching out to our members about Saturday’s RANZCP OSCE cancellation.

This has been a distressing and frustrating experience for doctors in training and we are sorry our members have been put through this again after a series of exam failures.

We have been advised that the RANZCP has:

  • committed to exploring alternative assessments - and are in discussion with the AMC to ensure sign off from them
  • confirmed reimbursement of exam fees
  • offered support to trainees.
We will continue to liaise with the College on this.
ASMOF has also written to the Ministry of Health and are seeking assurances from them that:
  • No trainee will be disadvantaged by the failure of the college to hold the exams.
  • Any leave entitlements utilised by the trainees such as Study leave, ADOs or Annual leave entitlements will be reimbursed to the trainees.
  • No trainee will be disadvantaged in relation to 2022 term allocations which don’t allow them study time.  
  • Adequate support is provided to those affected trainees including offering support from the Doctors Health Advisory Service (DHAS) and/or local EAPs.     
  • They will liaise with the College in order to find alternate assessment pathways for affected trainees.

Given this is a very distressing time for we remind you that you can also seek support from the Doctors Health Advisory Service (DHAS).  They can be contacted via phone 02 9437 6552 (24 hours). When you call the helpline, you can request a return call within the day, or within 48 hours for less urgent matters. You can also contact them via email: [email protected].
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by return email if you have any concerns regarding this situation. 
Warm regards,

Dr Raj Ubeja
Junior Vice President