Public holiday underpayment at Canterbury 

Have you worked as a JMO in the O & G Department at Canterbury Hospital in the past 6 years? 

ASMOF is aware that members in the O & G Department at Canterbury Hospital have not been paid their public holiday entitlements.  

Canterbury Hospital’s initial position was that in the absence of a rostering pattern they were not obliged to pay public holidays.  

ASMOF has successfully argued that there is in fact a rostering pattern, and one of our members has now been backpaid.  

ASMOF is seeking SLHD conduct a full audit and immediately backpay all affected JMOs. We want to identify all affected members to ensure you are backpaid your entitlements. If you have worked as a JMO in this Department please reach out to us by emailing [email protected], and share this message with your colleagues. 

Under the Medical Officers Award, JMOs receive public holiday entitlements regardless of any rostering pattern. JMOs are entitled to:  

  1. payment of your ordinary hours, and to the day off – if you would ordinarily have been rostered to work; 
  1. public holiday rates of time and a half and the accrual of one day of annual leave – if you are required to work the public holiday; or 
  1. accrual of one day of annual leave if you would not have ordinarily worked the public holiday (i.e. if the public holiday falls on your rostered day off, regardless of whether there is a rostering pattern or not).