REMINDER: Can you speak up at work? Seeking junior doctors for PHD research

 ASMOF recently met with Victoria Lister, who is currently undertaking PhD research exploring employee voice and silence in healthcare, specifically, what prevents hospital-based healthcare professionals from speaking up at work.

The purpose of this project is to identify the factors that lead to healthcare professional silence. The research is particularly interested in understanding the relationship between becoming and being a medical professional and silence.

An overarching aim of the project is to contribute to understanding of healthcare professional silence with a view to reducing its negative effects for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Victoria is seeking the views of junior and early-to-mid-career medical professionals and invites you to attend an interview of approximately 40 to 60 minutes’ duration to discuss these topics. ASMOF leadership will also be undertaking a formal interview for this research.

Interviews are confidential and all findings will be aggregated and de-identified so no individuals will be identifiable in reporting. Combined results will be reported in a thesis and potentially in verbal (e.g. conference) presentations and published in peer reviewed journal articles.
These results will include common themes extracted from the interview data as well as representative but unidentifiable quotes.
For more details on this project see the Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form.
If you have any questions or to arrange your interview, please email [email protected]. Victoria is based in Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources in Griffith Business School.

If you have a colleague you believe would be interested in participating in this research, feel free to forward this email to them. Please note junior to early career doctors who no longer work in the hospital system or the profession are also welcome to participate.