Reimbursement of Medical Indemnity Cover

ASMOF has achieved a small but significant win, with the Ministry of Health confirming that the current arrangements for reimbursement for medical indemnity cover will continue until a revised Policy Directive is issued.
The Staff Specialist Rights of Private Practice Arrangements PD (PD2017_002) provides for Level 2 to 5 Staff Specialists to be reimbursed (from their No I account) for the costs of their medical indemnity insurance policies, which they obtain for the cover of the patients they treat under Rights of Private Practice Arrangements.
The operative date in the PD has not been updated since 2017, and still reads, “The scheme by which medical indemnity costs incurred by Staff Specialists who have elected a Level 2 to 5 private practice arrangement can be reimbursed, will remain in place until 30 June 2017.”
Since 2018 we have asked the Ministry to remove the requirement that this needs to be updated each year to make it ongoing or triennial. Whilst the Ministry has continued to reimburse members, they have not agreed to put anything in writing.
After push back from ASMOF, the Ministry has now provided written confirmation that this arrangement will continue until the PD is revised. The Ministry will negotiate with ASMOF on any changes to the PD.