Second group of doctors sue NSW Government


Today ASMOF and Hall Payne Lawyers have filed another contravention claim in the NSW Supreme Court on behalf of a second group of doctors. We are suing the NSW Government for wage theft that occurred when overtime and meal breaks were not paid to doctors over the past 5 years.

Whilst we are still waiting on a hearing date for our first claim, we plan to keep filing claims and building our evidence to put the pressure on the NSW Government to ensure better conditions for doctors in training. 
Are you part of our legal action? If you have signed up but have not yet provided your statement, keep your eye out for an email from Hall Payne Lawyers, and provide the requested information at your earliest convenience.
In the meantime, pressure is mounting on the NSW Government to drop the 2.5% wage cap, which is preventing meaningful Award modernisation for doctors and all other public sector employees.

Statewide strikes and other industrial action from Unions has put the wage cap firmly on the agenda, and Unions will be co-ordinating further actions against the cap in the lead up to the NSW State Election in March 2023.