UNION WIN: Parental leave improvements

On the weekend the NSW Government announced further changes to parental leave which Unions have been calling for to promote gender equity.  The key changes announced are:

  • The distinction between primary and secondary carer will be removed altogether.
  • Parents who each take at least 12 weeks (one parent can be outside of the public service) will get an extra 2 weeks of paid leave.
  • The time window in which public sector parents can take paid parental leave will expand to 2 years following the birth or adoption of their child, rather than 1 year.
  • Single parents will automatically access 16 weeks’ leave.
  • The scheme will be extended to long-term foster parents.
The changes will come into effect in October and we will update you when we receive further details in the coming days. Unions will be consulted on updates to relevant NSW Health Policy.