About Us



Our Union

ASMOF is the union for salaried doctors, and we work alongside our members to stand up for doctors’ rights. We have a proven track record of achieving real and meaningful improvements for doctors.

We are a progressive union with over 5000 members including Staff Specialists, Post Graduate Fellows, Clinical Academics, Career Medical Officers, Interns, Resident Medical Officers and Registrars.

Our Vision

We strive to protect, promote and advance the interests of salaried doctors in a fair and just society underpinned by a high-quality public health system.

Our Mission

ASMOF’s mission is to:

  • protect and promote the physical, psychological, social, political and economic well-being of members by defending and improving their rights and interests
  • advocate for high quality publicly funded health services
  • organise, unite, inspire and educate our members
  • ensure that members actively participate in the union's activities and in determining the destiny of the union
  • prioritise the ongoing professional development & training of our staff and support them to achieve the union’s goals
  • promote and safeguard the interests of our members by working in collaboration with other organisations
  • provide and maintain services for the benefit of ASMOF members