Office Accommodation

All employees need to have work spaces appropriate and appropriately equipped to enable them to carry out their duties effectively.

The nature of a Staff Specialists’ position requires them in additional to their clinical duties to teach, to research and, as a senior clinician, be involved in the management of their department. In recognition of this, the Staff Specialists’ Award requires the employer to provide “ access to such office, secretarial and administrative support as may be reasonably necessary to undertake the requirements of the position.

It has been accepted not only by ASMOF, but also the Ministry of Health that Staff Specialists were entitled to a discrete office, acknowledging that part-time Staff Specialists could be required to share an office. The Ministry of Health in fact included this entitlement in its Policy Directive Office: Accommodation Policy- Public Health Organisations and Ambulance Service PD 2005_576.

Without consultation, the Ministry &/or Health Infrastructure have determined that the agreed approach developed through consultation with ASMOF and other Health Unions unilaterally rescinded the existing policy directive during proceedings before the Industrial Relations Commission which were about ensuring that Staff Specialists at the redeveloped Westmead Health Precinct (Westmead Hospital, Sydney Childrens’ Hospital, Cumberland Hospital) would continue to be provided with discrete offices as has been customary, and to the standard expected by the parties when the Award was made.

ASMOF is aware that there are some disciplines where individual offices have not been provided historically, and is of course prepared to consider & consult genuinely regarding the most appropriate office accommodation in any given clinical context.

There is considerable research that suggests not only staff who are expected to exercise high cognitive functions, but all staff, are unable to work at an optimal & efficient level without dedicated space, privacy and appropriate resources.

Staff Specialists are required in addition to their clinical duties, prepare to provide high quality teaching to more junior medical staff, and other staff; to conduct research; to prepare funding and other submissions; prepare reports for the Coroner or other courts; to participate in significant administrative & managerial roles; to mentor more junior medical staff and other employees; to counsel and manage the performance of staff members. All of these tasks require undisturbed thinking space and privacy.

Staff Specialists will not infrequently be called away from their desks at short notice. Unless proper and secure office accommodation is available there are grave risks to patient & staff confidential information, intellectual, hospital and personal property.

In short, unless proper, appropriate & secure office accommodation is provided, there is a risk that the way medicine is practiced in Public Hospitals will be detrimentally affected.
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